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The founder of Sri Palee College was a proprietor planter Mr. Wilmot A. Perera. His farther was Mr. Abraham Perera who was known as King of Rubber in Raigam and Pasdun Korales and was the richest person in the area as he got a massive income through rubber due to agreement between an English company and him. Mr. Wilmot A Perera was born on the 12 th June 1905. First he was educated at Cyril Jansze College at Panadura and later at Royal College � Colombo . Mr. Wilmot A. Perera thought of studying archaeology after his education. But After his father's demise he had to be a planter. Within a short period he become a successful planter and got married to a lady from rich family in Galle .

As a planter he had to mingle with ordinary people and labors in estates and the people in surrounding area. There he could clearly see the grievances of poor people and how they strive to live. He very honestly felt sorry for these people and made deep surveys to find out the reasons for the problems of people. As a result, he wrote the book "Problems of Rural Ceylon" to find solutions for these problems he established first rural development society in country of Raigam Korale. He also had one genuine idea to give an education free of charge to the sons and daughters of poor masses. To make all his ideas a reality he established Sri Palee College at Horana in Sri Lanka on the pattern of Shanthi Niketan in west Bengal India . He was the first to start a midday meal to pupils.

As a leftist, Mr. Wilmot A. Perera involved in "suriyamal" movement during the World War II period and later became a member of parliament for the Matugama Electorate in 1947 general election and he won the same electorate in 1952 also. In 1957 he became the First Sri Lankan Ambassador for China . He was the chairman of the Wilmot A. Perera salary's commission. Mr. Wilmot A. Perera passed away in 1973.

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