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1. Sripalee Theatre Hall
At present the famous Arundathee Hall built by our founder Mr. Wilmot A Perera belongs to Sri Palee Campus of Colombo University . College does not have any other main hall to hold their functions. To fulfill this requirement the PPA plans to build a main theatre hall for the college. To achieve this, PPA carried out various fund raising activities and started a fund called Sri Palee Theatre Fund.

But in 2005, with the grateful help on government fund allocation of Hon Prime Minister Mr. Rathnasiri Wickramanayaka, and with the aid of Ministry of Education and Kalutara district MP Mr. P. Wijenayaka, college and PPA were able to start building a main theatre hall. The Construction work of the Sri Palee Theatre hall started in June 2005 after the foundation stone laid by Hon, Prime Minister Mr. Rathnasiri Wickramanayaka. Mr. Luxman Jayakody is the principal of the college at that time. In September 2007, the main theatre hall is complete and open for the use of college activities.

Presently there is some money deposited in Sri Palee theatre fund. The main hall construction goes on with government funds, but parking facility, outside lighting, landscaping and stand by power supply have not been included in the construction estimate. So the PPA wishes to provide the above requirements with its own funds. The PPA has already decided to use the existing funds and PPA wants more funds to complete these tasks. Therefore PPA requests all Old Sri Palians living in different parts of the country and world to support the college to complete their own theatre hall.

2. Scholarships
The Past Pupils Association of Sri Palee College proposed to award scholarships towards students of its Alma Mater for their education under following categories.

  • Students who passed Grade 5 Scholarship Examination with good marks and continues their secondary education in Sri Palee College

  • Students who passed GCE (O/L) Examination with good Passes and continues their A/L education in Sri Palee College

Under the above scholarship program it is planned to provide monthly financial assistance for each category. A special committee comprising the members of the PPA and Principal /teachers of the College will carry out the selection of students. The same committee throughout the entire period of scholarship will monitor the recipients' academic progress regularly. The scholarship of any recipient with poor academic performance will be terminated.

3. Transport Facility for College Activities

At present Sri Palee College doesn't have any kind of transport facility for their school activities, especially for participation of various events, matches, functions etc Parents sometimes find it difficult to finance the charges for vehicle hires. On such occasions the PPA also helps the college for financing. Because of this PPA has been planed to purchase a Passenger Bus for Sri Palee College . It will also be a moral booster for the children of the college who participate in various functions, traveling on their own bus.

For this purpose PPA started a fund raising project with the support of the principal, staff and the children of the college. At the end of august 2007 that project was able to raise over 1.7 million rupees for the purchase of passenger bus. But still it needs some more funds to fulfill the task. The PPA asks all Old Sri Palians living in different parts of the country and world to support the college to fulfill this project.

4. Sports Pavilion / Stadium for the Ground.
The present small Pavilion of the Sri Palee ground is running without the basic facilities. The students of the college very much need a good pavilion / stadium at least with standard facilities. To fulfill the requirement of college Pavilion / stadium, Old Sri Palians Sports Club organizes a special project for the construction of a new pavilion / stadium.

5. Indoor Badminton Playing Facility
Old Sri Palians Sports Club also started a project to develop an indoor facility with floodlights for badminton players of the college. At present they have only outdoor facility. The Club very recently started the preparatory works of the badminton courts and they would like to complete it as early as possible.

For these projects Old Sri Palians Sports Club seeks the support of well-wishers / past pupils of the college.

For more information, please contact

Old Sri Palians Sports Club
Sri Palee College

6. New Building for Scouts
Old Sri Palians scout movement is in the process of collection of fund for the 30 x 20 building for the scouts. The present and future scouts will be able to use this facility.

For these projects Old Sri Palians Scout movement seeks the support of well-wishers / past pupils of the college.

For more information, please contact
Old Sri Palians Scout Movement
Sri Palee College

7. Swimming Pool
Old Sri Palians Past Pupils Association also earmarked a suitable location for the college swimming pool. At present this is not an active project. After completion of other projects the association hopes to activate the swimming pool project.

Old Sripalians Past Pupils Society Ltd. started separate funds for all above projects. We greatly appreciate, your generous contribution towards strengthening these projects. You may send your contribution to the following accounts.

A/C No: 041100141070094
Bank: Peoples' Bank - Horana Branch

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